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Introducing Your Local Website Design & SEO Consultant

Meet Your Local Website Design & SEO Consultant

Website design, digital marketing, online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing are all the things I never could do if I had not decided to build a website to start my online business. 

Digital Marketing Consultant

“Hi, my name is Saqib Irfan. I’ve been designing websites for small business for 9 years now but the first four years were a nightmare!”


My clients were being held to ransom by low service level, high ongoing rates, broken platforms and all that without any relationship.

In 2012 I decided to change all that. I was done with the norms and wanted to blaze the trail for small business owners who (like myself) could not afford $10,000 or more on a website.

I have successfully challenged the industry and opposite to how it has been all these years. Although I am still on a mission, I am in a better place.

Long story short, I introduced a better way for Canadian Small business, to manage run and afford websites by launching: WebsiteDepartment.ca

My trusted web techie and I developed a website building platform that enables us to craft beautiful, easy to navigate and manage websites that are remarkably affordable and profitable for you.

We save Store Anything Fast and Easy in Saskatoon, $12,000 and we could save you the same plus more on our ongoing website costs. All joking aside!

What I Believe In

My Website Design Philosophy

Let’s declare it, you build a website to generate more qualified traffic that will buy your products and services.

The website design approach I take is simple and has worked for number of Small Businesses, just like yours, achieve that goal by implementing three key basic elements:

  • Generate Targetted Traffic
  • Increase Conversion
  • Grow Customer Base
We all know this fact, traditional websites are dead.

What you need in business today.

Yes, they are. A website now is just like the salesperson of the person.

A website has become an inbound lead generation platform which has a sole purpose is to score and deliver high quality leads for your business.

Our clients do not worry about the ever-changing online marketing world anymore, they focus on growing business and we help them with the strategy that delivers real results.

Are you ready to sell more?

A Game-Changing Website Service

We are all about rewriting the rules of business with strategic website design, budget-friendly digital marketing services, and incomparable business support that drive small business to compete with big fish.

All buying journeys start online and we ensure you do not miss a beat!

“We have had a record breaking months especially for Parts & Service department and the only additional thing we tried this year was SEO with WebsiteDepartment”

Sherwood RV | Content SEO Customer

Mike StefanukSherwood RV

Why I started a website design & digital marketing agency


Why I Started Another Website Design & SEO Company when there are several out there already?

It all started back in 2007-2008 when I had an online business plan and needed a website built for that project.

Just like anyone, I called couple of Local Website Design Companies.

I soon realized there were two types of web design agencies.

  • Professional website design companies who charged tens of thousands for a project.
  • Small website design agencies ran by someone who has taken a course two on web design and charge few hundred dollars.
Web Design Business IdeaThe Major Challenges I Faced When Building My First Website:


  • Challenge#1: Affordability

    I could not afford to invest thousands in just website project as I was just starting out.
    All professional website design agencies were qouting me anywhere from $8,000 – $15,000 just for a website.

  • Challenge#2: Risk

    I could not risk to go with the small website design companies who charged few hundred dollars.

    A – Their own websites were not functional.
    B- No credibility, no big companies had ever worked with them.

    This was risky as my website may never get built if I choose to save money.

  • Challenge#3: Lack Of Marketing Recommendations

    No one consulted me on digital marketing.
    This was all to be done after the project is live.
    Well what if the marketers recommend changes? Yes, that meant that I will be charged extra for the recommendation SEO or digital marketing teams makes.

I thought to myself, this is strange, my website is all about generating traffic and less about the design.
I need marketer’s advice right now and they are not in my reach.

This was it, this was my AHA moment!

The steps I took to overcome these challenges.

My AHA Moment!

I dropped the idea of online business and enrolled in web design & digital marketing courses.

This was not only I can help myself, however, I will also be able to help small businesses who are in my exact position.


Self Development Quote By:

Napolean Hill

“Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”


The result of self investment decision

My Achievements & Certifications

Canadian Marketing Association Certified Consultant

Canadian Marketing Association

The investment I would have done on website, I decided to make it on myself. Enrolled with Digital Marketing Courses at CMA and earned my Diploma in Marketing.

Saskatoon Google Adwords Certified Marketer

Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification to make sure I stay current with Digital Marketing & Search Engine Marketing.

Google Certified Adwords Specialist Saskatoon

My passion is marketing and my mission to make your website appear in searches when a relevant search is made. When building websites, we discuss marketing first.