What should one consider before acquiring website design services?

Choosing a service for your business always isn’t simple.

Do you want Coke or Pepsi vending machine?

Do you prefer onsite document destruction or if offsite shredding service is ok with you as well?

When come to website design service, we must also consider few things that suit our business style before we make a final call on who is going to be our website design company.


  • Their location
    This is a key point. Where are they located? Having website designer in your neighborhood means you can ask them to drop in to your office as you please. It is pretty much like having a website designer of your own, your own website department. This is the power of local website design business and relationship.
  • Who would I turn to for help on website after my website project is live?
    Generally as soon as website is launched, website designers are off to their next project. However you are not a website expert and you may still have some edits, some additions or perhaps delete some items. Who would you turn to for help? Make sure you have some kind of monthly service offered to help you stay on top.
  • Do you think you can work with this website designer?
    Another way to make sure you are dealing with the right set of individuals is to ask them for their first consultation, which generally is free and decide if the personality you are dealing with will be something you can work with in the long run.
  • How fast do they get website work done?
    It sure takes time to write website codes, no doubt. But there must be a timeline. This is a very important point. Some website companies, even the largest one in Canada takes forever to make changes or to finish off the website project. We recommend you ask them how much time it takes to do a simple job, such as building a banner or adding a two column web page.
  • What sort of on going website support do you get?
    The main purpose of website is to share current business information. That being said, information does get dated too. Just like back in the print marketing days, we use to change our print ad regularly to stay fresh and made sure our brand was in consumers mind.
  • Of-course their portfolio
    This is of-course a given, visit their website and check out who are their customers.

How often did you read the same ad twice? Not that often. Same with websites, when customer visit your website it is imperative to give them a new piece of information, be it nugget size.

Here is small tip on website background that will help you with your website  goals and our way of saying thanks for reading.