Why my corporate website background color matters?

I am in middle of re designing my corporate website and want to make it better than its predecessor.

Here is one tip you should apply on you corporate website.

Go for the lighter background. Preferably white.

Light grey and other light color options are also good choice for corporate websites.

Now you may ask on what basis you recommend this?

It is not a theory anymore for us as corporate website designers. It is a fact that websites with lighter background scores better time on site than the ones in dark colors.

Think of Google home page, it is white.

What is the background of your bank, government or facebook page?

Next way to understand it is imagine a book with black pages & white fonts or same book in black fonts and white pages?

I hope you get the point above & make your website more welcoming to your customers and websites visitors eyes.

They will thank you for this and stay longer on your corporate website.


How can I track the performance?

Simply head to your Google Analytic account and see what was your time on corporate website in last three months. Take an average and note it down.

Now after going with lighter background, go ahead and check your time on corporate website again in next 3 months.

You will now know the difference and see value in the change you have made.

Trust me you  will be proud.