Why one website for my business?

Some businesses, especially car dealerships often have more than one website.

Sometime OEMs have forced their website solution onto them or some other marketer offer website as a must buy when buy advertising with them.

They get away with it as search engines understand the logic behind carrying two websites.

But if you were a website design agency like ours, you would not want two websites.

Small business put a lot of effort to keep one website alive and fresh forget two.

Plus we will then just start copy pasting content on one and another page. This leads to Google’s algorithmic penalty of duplicate content.

If I want you to take anything away from this article is that keep one website.

Be it the only one page website, but it should be a complete page.

No coming soon is any longer part of our website marketing strategy.

Second biggest takeaway is duplicate content and trust me you do not want search engines against you.