Why Saskatoon businesses should consider developing a mobile marketing strategy?

Saskatchewan when compared with other provinces has a much different population setting.

Yes we do have big centres like Regina & Saskatoon however equal amount of people live in rural areas.

And boy o boy do they use mobile devices.

Tablets and smartphones are their best friends.

When working for a large internet advertising agency in past two years I tracked the mobile traffic.

Locally in Saskatchewan it grew from 25-30% of over all website traffic to 50% in just 18-20 months space.

That’s a great number & great story.

But still I find a ton of reputed business that does not have mobile website.

Maybe they are not aware or maybe they think it is not being used.

But guys, desktop sales have died in last 2 years. Mobile device sales have taken big jump in number of items sold.

Reason why giants like Microsoft are claiming that their Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that can replace your laptop.

Mobile marketing is just like websites were when we were transitioning from print.

Print still works in tandem with online marketing and so does mobile.

What does your kids in Saskatchewan at home use?

A bulky desktop or sleek tablet?