Digital Technology Changes Overtime

Digital Technology changes overtime and all the time.

Do you remember these revolutionary rolls?

Once upon a time they were a big breakthrough in photography world.

They were compact, handy and advanced.

What happened to them? One wonders and it appears to be another victim of technology that changes overtime & all the time.

They meant a lot at one point and we took extra care of these rolls and get them developed.

But the million dollar questions is that where are they now? What happened to them?

One wonders and the answer is very simple, there will always be something better than last.

From Ford’s Model T to F-150.

From Kodak film rolls to memory cards.

Technology will never remain same.

Website design & online space isn’t much different and constantly evolving.

Few years ago website design was a must, the transition from paper marketing to web was long and short at the same time.

Considering how many years the print phone book were the only source of local business information at disposal to searches online.

What has changed now?

Mobile. The introduction of smartphone has changed it all again and the future for business owners lies in Mobile.

What is your mobile strategy?

Let’s take sometime and consider a mobile strategy for your business & website security.