Website Live Chat & Customer’s Experience

My favorite type of website live chat…

One cold winter evening in Saskatchewan I decided to head online and shop for graphic design software.

My favorite Fireworks had expired and now I was looking into what options do I have.

I am not a huge fan of live chat on website but I was browsing through the Adobe website and checking all other software they have to offer and being amazed with new technology.

I was visiting Adobe website after a long time.

They were offering two ways to purchase their subscription either pay a one time fee and buy the licence for ever or pay a monthly fee and get all of the products.

As I hit back from the packages page, Live Chat window popped up one Adobe website.

This website live chat box appeared from no where.

The moment was just made personal.

Agent asked if I need any help?

I did.

I asked what if I wanted only a one month subscription and get all the suite and not do the contract?

Agent quoted me the price right away, told me that I had that option and gave me a link from where I can order it from.

This personal chat and the moment it popped up just sold me on it.

On the aspect of customer service.

I would never go to Adobe store since I live in Saskatchewan. I may never have an opportunity to do so.

However with Live Chat on their website, I was helped in a way I felt I was shopping at a virtual Adobe store where agent knew when to interrupt and offer help.

No one likes a sales person after them on websites, no one but a customer service agent offering live chat on websites is much helpful.

One thing for sure with live chat on website service that internet is changing. Just like re-CATCHA improving security we talked about in one of our past posts.