Websites for Business Owners who Hate Website Technology.

I live in rural Saskatchewan, close to City of Saskatoon where 85% of my customers are based out of.

I sometime find some customers, who will avoid me.

Never return my email and will just never make time for me.

Sounds like a big turn off in sales business however there is a reason why they are avoiding me.

How did I found the reason behind this?

I consistently starting show up at their door step, once every month regardless if they see me or not, I was there.

This helped in some cases, where as soon as I got the opportunity to spend time with them, they started to come out of the closet.

I found that they were not avoiding me, they were avoiding this thing called internet technology.

Websites were just not their game.

They were scared I am going to bore them with website & internet marketing jargon, that they don’t understand neither they want to understand.

Once thing I learned in website design business that you gotta talk to most, if not all, customers & prospects in language they understand.

So for example, you are in website design sales and you are sitting with one of your paying customer.

During you conversation, not this is not a sales pitch, just simple conversation, he points out that on his website one his forms needs a new field to be added.

You ask Mr Customer, would you like to have a custom form for each kind of request that you get from your business website?

Now imagine, you were selling him a form.

How would that conversation be?

This is power of – Website service we offer is Website As A Service, which means you get almost an employee whose sole responsibility is to manage your website & make sure it performs to the level you like.

Website as a service is perfect solution for such business owners. Business owners who hate website talk.

We look after all aspect of your website, from content, to design to coding.

Websites for business owners who love doing what they are best at, their core business.