Websites are an important marketing and branding component for small businesses. One of the biggest limitations for small businesses is small SEO marketing budget, which further signifies the role of web design to attract customers to their business. A rather smart web design is able to project the business model in the right tone and answer various queries that might arise in customers’ mind, in an interactive way.

To put it simply, a wrongly made web design directly translate into a loss of traffic and revenues, which for small businesses pose an existential threat. Over half of all the new startups failed in first two years of operations mainly because of their inability to project their business rightly.

Here we will be looking at some prevailing mistakes for small business websites. Avoiding these potholes may help you gain more traction for your business and generate a sustainable revenue stream.

Background Check

This is one of the most common mistakes most small businesses make before getting a web design. Irrespective of the revolutionary business idea, until a thorough background check is made into the industry, you can’t guarantee the success.

So, before you start looking for web development and web design services, make sure you have completed the background check for your business. What do we mean by the background check? Well, most importantly, you have to realize the market conditions you are trying to invest in. Look out for prevailing market trends, identify your target market, look at the marketing channels where the target market is present and lastly get complete competitor analysis.

For instance, let’s assume you are looking to open an online retail store for fashion garments. Your physical location is in Saskatoon, Canada and you want to deliver products across the country. In this case, before you hire a web development or web design services in Saskatoon, you got to make sure you understand the market competition. There will be hundreds of businesses competing in similar business, so how do you plan to stand out from those businesses? Look out for gaps in the market, find the customer base that you want to target, for instance, you might want to target casual clothing for younger generations, or you might like to target more formal market with a matured target audience. Find loopholes where current businesses are failing customers and then try to fill that gap.

The Bottom line: before you go for a web design in Saskatoon, you need to identify the target audience as well as market analysis. This will help you get the best and more relevant web design to attract targeted audience.

Cluttered Design

Ok, this is yet another failing mistake made by many small businesses. Cluttering your website with flashy graphics, unnecessary content or unfiltered products won’t take your business anywhere.

Ideally, you should keep the website as clean and uncluttered as possible. The ideal solution to avoid this messy website design is to go with a web development company that’s also offering SEO marketing in Canada. The idea here is that a complete web development, design and SEO marketing company better relates to the market preferences. They know what customers like and how to lure them to your business.

The Bottom line: Cluttering isn’t the way to go. Try to find a reliable web development and design company that also specializes in SEO marketing in Canada. Why stressing about web development Canada business? because our assumed business is located in Canada and it’s always a smart choice to go with a company that’s physically located in your target market

Bad CTA choices

The whole purpose of investing in web design and SEO marketing in Canada is to extract revenue, right? But how do you plan to achieve it?

Call to Actions (CTAs) are a crucial component of web design, which actually compels visitors to make a purchase, rather than simply flip the site after visiting.

That’s why your small business website needs to have clear, bold and highly compelling CTAs, strategically placed across the web design.