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Why We Started A Digital Marketing Agency

It all started back in 2007-2008 with an online business plan. In order to get started, we needed a Digital Marketing Agency to help us with that project. 

Now just like you, we called a couple of Local Digital Marketing Companies.

We soon realized there were two types of Digital Marketing Agencies.

  1. Professional Digital Marketing Agencies who charged tens of thousands for a project.
  2. Very small companies with little to no Digital Marketing background that charged a few hundred for a project.

Saqib Irfan

Digital Marketing Consultant & Owner of Website Department

“Hi, my name is Saqib Irfan. I’ve been designing websites for small businesses for 9 years now but the first four years were a nightmare!”

My clients were being held ransom by low quality service, high ongoing rates, and broken platforms. 

In 2012 I decided to change all that. I was done with the high rates and wanted to blaze the trail for small business owners who (like myself) could not afford $10,000 or more on a website.

I have successfully challenged the industry after all these years. Although I am still on a mission, I am in a better place.

Long story short, I have introduced a better way for Canadian Small businesses, to afford websites that are easy to manage, and run by launching: WebsiteDepartment.ca

My trusted web tech and I have developed a website building platform that’s  remarkably affordable and profitable for you.

Mark Gill

Digital Marketing Consultant & Owner of Website Department

“Hi, my name is Mark Gill. I’ve been in the Graphic Design industry for 6 years now and have designed well over a thousand different websites and logos.”

I am passionate about helping you succeed! Every client is unique and deserves a unique service. My philosophy is to put my clients first, to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs.

Saqib and I met 3 years ago while he was working for AutoTrader and I was working for a local car dealership. I found Saqib to be a very interesting fellow and we hit it off! We would chat about business and how we could help companies succeed with digital marketing at a more affordable price.

As of January.10th/2018 Saqib and I became partners in business here at Website Department. I now help Saqib with managing the operations of everyday business. This means managing all channels including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, display advertising and display re-targeting.

I am a bit of a data nerd and love analyzing web analytics data and interpreting reports for the rest of the business. 

Because we establish a one-to-one relationship with each client we are able to offer timely, individual advice on how to improve your website and marketing goals.

What we Believe In

Our Website Design Philosophy

Let’s declare it, you build a website to generate more qualified traffic that will buy your products and services.

The website design approach we take is simple and has worked for a number of Small Businesses, just like yours! Here are three key basic elements:

  • Generate Targetted Traffic
  • Increase Conversion
  • Grow Customer Base

“We’ve had record breaking months especially for our Parts & Service department and the only additional thing we tried this year was SEO with WebsiteDepartment.”

Sherwood RV | Content SEO Customer

Mike StefanukSherwood RV
We all know this fact, traditional websites are dead.

What you need in business today.

Yes, they are!

A website has become an inbound lead generation platform which has a sole purpose to score and deliver high quality leads for your business.

Our clients do not worry about the ever-changing online marketing world anymore, they focus on growing their business and we help them with the strategy that delivers real results.

Are you ready to sell more?

A Game-Changing Website Service

We’re about rewriting the rules of business with a strategic budget-friendly website design & great customer support. We will help drive your small business to compete with the big fish.

All buying journeys start online! We ensure you don’t miss a beat!

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