Digital Marketing SaskatoonWhat is Digital Marketing and What Should Small Business Do to Succeed On Digital Channels. 

A very good question, no doubt.

A lot of corporations nowadays employee Certified Digital Marketing Consultants and experts.

Some larger corporation even has a digital marketing department.

So what exactly Digital Marketers do and are they worth the investment? 

Let’s explore what do these digital marketing consultants do on daily basis. 

There are a lot of moving parts in digital marketing, and there are few channels that a digital marketing agency specializes.

Let’s pick on their key responsibilities one by one to make it simple, however, before we dig into the key services let’s take a look break down the Google search results page.

Digital Marketing - Anatomy Google Search Results Page

As you notice, the Google Search Results Page is broken into three key areas.

The first section is for Google AdWords ads, which is also known as PPC or Pay per Click Advertising. More on this piece later.

The second section dedicated to the 3 Map Pack – only of the search is locally based. For example, if you are search “How to cure diabetes” it will not have the three pack section since it is more of a general question than a local search.

The third section is for organic search results, and that is the first part we will discuss.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

    What is Search engine optimization or SEO?

    Search engine optimization or SEO Is simply a digital marketing practice to rank your website higher on page one of search engine results page organically. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines SEO is a powerful digital marketing practice.

    Why should I care about ranking on page one of Google or search engine?

    Check out this study by Chitika – it tells you exactly which page get how much traffic:

    How much traffic Google Page One Gets

    Of all the traffic on Google – page one is where the 91.5% action happens! And only 8.5% Of the total traffic goes beyond page one.

    General practice is if the searcher has not found what he or she is looking for on page of Google, they will refine the search and again check out the page one listings until there is a link that has the answer to their search query.

    Plus, based on my SEO practice and as SEO consultant to small business, I find that SEO traffic converts better and generates high-quality

    Here is my article that talks about the 11 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Services in detail, in case you like to learn more about SEO.

  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising or Google AdWords Campaign all are a form of Digital Marketing

    SEM is the second most common channel used by online marketing practice.

    Paid Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing, SEM or Pay Per Click Advertising has many names.

    Some online marketers also call it Google AdWords campaign, Google Marketing or PPC Marketing.

    Essentially they all mean the same thing, promoting your website with Google AdWords and paying per click when someone clicks on your link.

    SEM is one of the fastest ways to get results.

    To run PPC ads, first, you need to sign up for a Google AdWords Campaign, select your target audience, key terms, set a budget, push your PPC Campaign live and boom your ads are now on page one of related search terms!

    It does sound super easy; however, it is not.

    As a Certified Google AdWords Specialist, I have come across small business owners making costly mistakes when setting up the campaign.

    Example of a Costly AdWords Campaign Mistake: 

    One small business owner received a call from an AdWords Agency who claimed to get them on top of the Google search results and sold him a package.

    Later when he asked me to review the results quickly, I pointed out that out of 90 clicks that month 55 came from his brand searches.

    Which means people who were searching for his business name clicked on the first results (which was the pay per click ad paid search) costing him hundreds of dollars for months.

    This example is only of many. Small businesses who have never managed an AdWord campaign has made other major costly mistakes.

    The reason why it is highly recommended to hire a certified Google AdWords will select their brand name as a key term, and 40% of the clicks will come from their brand searches.

    A major advantage of SEM digital marketing channel is that it gives you instant results, control over your marketing budget and provide in-depth analytics to measure your return on investment.

    Provided you have done in-depth research before setting up the PPC Campaign.

    Here is my Google Search Certification, and note that it expires every 12 months because SEM changes super-fast. 

    Digital Marketing - Google CertificationGoogle Adwords Fundamentals Certified Specialist Saskatoon 





  1. Social Media Marketing For Business:
    Social Media Marketing Specialist

    Social Media Marketing is where digital marketing strategy consultant has the most fun!

    They love it because they become super creative, and drive great results in doing so.

    These two simple questions will help you understand the power of social media

    1. How many people you see use a cell phone every day?

    2. Which websites or apps do they access and spend the most time on? 

    Here is a study was done in Canada on Social Media usage which helps you decide to allocate some fund right away into social media marketing:

    Canadian Social Media Stats 2018

    Here is another interesting stat from that same study on social media marketing:

    Canada - Social Media Popular Channel Stats
    Here is the link to a full study of Canada Social Media Stats.

    Social media marketing is the most important channel that a small business can be on in today’s age.

    Your business must not only have a presence by having a Facebook business page or Instagram business profile.

    Only having a Facebook Business Page & Instagram Business Profile is step one towards Social Media Marketing. 

    You have to be out there consistently pushing content, building relationships, educating your clients, sharing knowledge and your expertise with them to become an authority in your space. 

    An Example Of How To A Successful Social Media Campaign Looks Like: 

    Let’s suppose you own a used car dealership in Saskatoon.

    Now you can post stories on Instagram and show people the work you put into cars before they get ready for the sales floor.

    You can call it “Behind The Scenes.”

    Ask yourself, how much trust are you building with this practice?

    Another tip for a used car dealer would be to do a one minute video, you and your phone camera is enough, and talk about a recent recall on any vehicle.

    Since you are the expert in automotive sales, you understand the recall better than a layperson. You will be able to explain such a technical thing in simplest and easy to understand format.

    Imagine the long-term impact it will have on your business.

    A 1-minute explainer video posted on Instagram or Facebook that talks about that recall will make you the “Authority” the “Go To Dealership” in town. 

    Tip#3 that can work well for Used Car Dealership when it comes to Social Media Marketing is to buy an HD Camera and start taking professional magazine style photographs of the vehicles you have on the lot. Try to drive the car in different part of the cities so that you have different backgrounds and post them on Facebook and Instagram.

    Your social media audience will engage with you on the pictures, isn’t that as good as an email lead Mr. Dealer? 

    #1 Mistake To Avoid When It Comes To Social Media Marketing:

    When a small business owner gets a recommendation to start producing content twice a week minimum on social media channels the right away say that:

    “Oh well my wife is on Instagram 7 hours a day, I will get her to do it.”

    Do not make this mistake, please.

    You will not get results.

    Your wife is an Instagram and Facebook user, and not an Instagram or Facebook marketing specialist.

    She logs in to check out things she likes, which has nothing to do with your business.

    My favorite response to this is that when you get married, you do not just ask anyone who has a smartphone with a good camera to take photos, (that is pretty much everyone) you hire a professional photographer to do the job.


    Because a professional photographer knows his business, he knows the angles and has a wealth of experience to seize the moment.

    Same is true when it comes to marketing your business on social media.

    Why risk your business on social media where eyeballs go?

    Hire a professional Social Media Marketer to get the optimum results. 



  1. Display Marketing & Re-Targeting
    These two channels require Graphic and are visual marketing.

    The display is simply a solid branding exercise, and with Google Display Network, you display your ads to the audience when they are in the market when they are searching for exact product or service you offer.

    Instead of showing up in search results, you appear on the banners.

    Google Display Network consists of many high traffic websites where the consumer spends

    Here is an example:

    How does re targeting and Google Display Network Works

    Now think about this for a moment.

    How does remarketing work?

    Consider your small business hire SEO Agency who does a solid job with SEO marketing and get an interested buyer to visit your website.

    This buyer is still in shopping mode and leaves your website to shop around.

    What are the chances that this customer will return to your website?

    Retargeting helps you follow up with this specific customer who has shown deep interest in your product or service offering.

    Your ads now get displayed again on Google Display Network however this time with a very targeted offer.

  2. Email Marketing

    Email Marketing and The Return On Investment

    Email marketing is still very much relevant, plus it is very cost effective.

    A great example of email marketing at work will be that suppose a customer lands on your website through PPC Marketing.

    He likes what he reads and decides to download the free e-book or whitepaper that you are offering for free with an exchange of an email address.

    There you go, you have a lead and an interested consumer.

    He may not convert into a paying customer today.

    However, you have his email address and a chance to stay in touch and build this relationship.

    Let’s suppose you sent an email out every six weeks, four emails later he decided to click on the “Buy Now” button and become a paying customer.

    Email marketing is powerful. If done properly, it can give you the highest return on investment.

  3. YouTube & Video Marketing

    YouTube is the second biggest search engine and third most visited website in the world after Google & Facebook.

    You must do video as this channel is crazy busy — however, not every digital marketing agency specializing in YouTube marketing.

Imagine This:

 imagine as a small business owner how much workload this can be to maintain a business website, then write engaging and killer content copy consistently to rank organically for SEO.

Now add running and monitoring the Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search) campaign to the mix and you are now feeling it that it will be a time crunch.

Plus, you cannot neglect social media which is way more work as it requires a far more consistent approach to be successful when compared to Search Engine or Paid Marketing (SEM)

To do a good job with Facebook and Instagram marketing, you must be consistently publishing visually and textually engaging content.

All this is to give you an idea of what a good Digital marketing Consultant offer to your small business.

There you are my fellow business owners!

I believe now you understand what a role of Digital Marketing Consultant is, and how they can contribute to your success.

It must be clear to you now that you why you need to hire a professional digital marketing agency to run, monitor and manage your campaigns.

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