Prepare for digital marketing success with these 9 easy to acquire digital marketing tips & practices and grow your small business in 2019


Digital marketing is changing. You will say, boy, we have heard this all the time and have noticed that it does all the time!

How do you prepare for success with digital marketing your small business in 2019? Learn the 9 simple and easy to acquire tips to rise, grow and shine in 2019! 


So here it begins:


  1. Digital Marketing Channel Selection

    The more, the merrier is very true when choosing the digital marketing channels.

    There are a few obvious choices such as Google Paid Ads, SEO, Banner Ads and social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and

    Plus, you must keep an eye out for always that upcoming strong channel such as Alignable or SnapChat – some of them may be short-lived, but if they turn big, you will be ahead of the curb.



  1. Prepare For Voice Search

    Voice search is on the rise. Just watch how people use their phones nowadays and the increase in sales of Google Home, Google Home Mini or Alexa products.

    Every 2 out of 5 adults use the voice search feature.

    Yes, Siri is their best friend.

    When a consumer conducts a voice search, it is generally a long tail question, and the brief you keep your answer the better you will do with voice search.

    As per a study, the predictions are that in 2020 half of the searches will be voice searches.

    Get on the bandwagon

  2. Secure Domain

    Invest in SSL Certificate and get your website domain to read https:// – this will help in organic searches plus the voice searches.

    Just simply call your domain or hosting provider to get help on this one! Note: There is a small fee associated with acquiring the SSL certificate.

  3. Website Page Download Speed

    The lighter your website is, the faster it will download and faster the download speed the better performance of your website on a search engine for both organic SEO and voice searches.

    Here is my favorite tool that I use to check website page download speed:

    Small SEO TOOL

  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    CRO is probably some of the digital marketers least favorite topic. However, it is imperative in today’s business.

    Build strong landing pages and run A/B tests on them. Maybe one call to action or the headline works better than the other.

    com has a great article that talks in depth about Conversion Rate Optimization if you like to learn more.

    Plus, look up CRO tools as some well-paid ones can help you with this valuable digital marketing tactic.


  1. Consumer Journey & Click Funnel

    Digital marketing tips for success in 2019 - Click FunnelEven a short time ago that was 7-5 years ago, measuring your digital marketing investment & ROI was as easy as checking how many email leads or phone calls generated.

    Now in 2019 things have drastically change.

    You have to look at your consumer buying journey right from the interest to conversion.

    This will make you want to market on more digital channels when you see the results.

    Here is what I mean and what I have seen is a common consumer journey, as an example:

    A customer who purchased from you searched for something related to what you do on YouTube.

    Next, you retargeted them with an exciting offer and followed them around on a couple of websites, for the next three days.

    Then they found you on social media and become your Instagram follower.

    From there, they Googled your brand, read your reviews and visited your website and finally converted into a paying customer.

    Do you see what I mean?

    com – is a great paid tool that will help you leverage this click funnel data and help you plan your digital marketing.

  2. Content Marketing Alone Is Not Enough

    Yes, content marketing and blog writing are just too overcrowded. True story for every industry, product or service.

    So unless you are writing and publishing content that is super unique, you will not stand out and not be read.

    For this I say bring out your personality, your experience and talk about them. Don’t just refurbish the content that is already out there.

    Recycling content marketing strategy is now becoming dated as well.

    Avoid it.

  3. Video Marketing is The Present & Future

    YouTube is the second biggest search engine. An interesting fact is that half of all the YouTube video views are coming from mobile devices.

    Four hundred hours of video are uploaded on YouTube per hour.

    YouTube is the third most visited website in the world after Google & Facebook.

    Make “how to” videos on niche subject about the business and services you offer.

    Videos are highly engaging and are very popular.

    Plus the SEO juice they give you is an additional benefit.

    Here is a great article if you are interested in learning more about YouTube stats.

  4. Podcasting

    Podcasting is a great and one of the most underutilized digital marketing channel.

    Especially in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Podcasting can be a great differentiator as not many are aware of this channel at all.

    You can target the prospect when they are driving to and from work or when they are on the treadmill in the gym.

    An interesting fact about Podcasting is that 45% of people who listen to podcast make over $75,000 per year.

    Imagine the possibilities and opportunities that lie within this channel.

    Plus, people also play podcast when doing homework and just their own time.

    The podcasting growth in Canada in 2018 was outstanding:

    Canadian Podcasting Growth Stats 2018

    Click here to read the full Canada Podcast Study.

    Podcasting is on the rise, and it is growing. It has yet to reach its peak so get on it in 2019!



There it is folks!


The top 9 Digital Marketing tips that you can acquire today to become successful with digital marketing in 2019, and make some real headways with your small business.


If you require assistance or have questions about any of the digital marketing channels or strategy, feel free to reach out.

Article by Saqib Irfan who is the blogger, podcaster and digital marketing consultant based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.