21 Reasons Why Hire Digital Marketing Professionals For Your Small Business

Shopping for a digital marketing agency can take some hours out of your day.

If you are doing research as to which digital media marketing agency to hire for your business.

I encourage you to read on and after reading the article you will be able to make that informed decision in regards to hiring a digital marketing consultant.

21 Ways Digital Marketing Consultant Contribute to Your Small Business! 

Digital marketing consultant and 21 Advatages


1 Digital Marketing Consultant Save You Money


There is two way hiring a digital marketer saves you money.  

A – Building a Digital Marketing Team

Let’s suppose you decide to build your own digital marketing team, run your own website department.

 In order to do that now, you need to hire employees with following technical skill set web development and graphic design.

You also need a marketing brain that can get traffic to your website, write ad copies, web pages content and make sense of analytics.

Even if you paid each $45/K per year, in total you have invested 90K.

B- Technology Subscriptions

In today’s technological world, every professional uses a software.  

For example, if you are in Sales, you like having a CRM like Salesforce to make your job easier.

Your Accountants may already use a software and the list goes on.

The same way your designer will need designing software licenses, the digital marketer may need a couple of his own.

If you add these up you are saving anywhere between 6 – 12 thousand Canadian dollars.


2 Performance Reports That Talks To Human

Digital marketers are also good at measuring their own efforts.

They are always trying to achieve their best personal best.

This means that they play a lot with data and analytics.

You must make time to sit down on the performance reviews.

This will help your business and the digital marketing team to stay on track and produce better results month after month.


3 You Learn Digital Marketing Best Practices As You Go!

A good digital marketing consultant always shares best practices and educate their customers.

You can start to form their blog.

A good place is to check their generosity and how well engaged are they with digital marketing best practices.

Their blog will give you a solid idea.



4 Digital Marketers Measure Performance

Take a second and digest this fact.

In the Google Adwords tool alone you will find over 3,000 data points and metrics that you can track.

Digital marketers make it easy for you.

They come up with 3 – 6 key metrics that are relevant, that are driving your business and continue to track those.

All you do is sit back and watch the numbers grow!!!


5 You Get Insights On Your Consumer’s Journey

Now, this is what you will find most interesting just like my other partners and clients.

The digital marketing offers some amazing insights into your consumer’s journey online.

You can map out exactly how they start their search, where do they go to research and where do they convert.

By paying attention to this, you can design your digital marketing strategy according to their liking and be the winner!

This one really will pay off your digital marketing investments.


6 Your Ad Writing Score High PR

Content writing and ad copywriting is a large part of digital marketer’s role. After all the better the ad copy, the better it will convert on search engines.

Next good things digital marketers to is that they test these ads with variations, a method that they call A/B Testing.


7 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


You may have heard this term a few million times before.

In a nutshell, SEO is combination of best practices applied on to your web pages or website in an effort to rank higher than your competitors on search engines

when a relevant search is made.

Let’s not complicate it, SEO is very simple nowadays.

All you need is a committed body who write outstanding content which is liked and shared by audience on the internet and making sure your brand

follows your target audience’s journey on the internet at each and every step to that final moment of truth.



8 Your Brand Remains In Front of The In-Market Buyers

Your consumer is making buying decisions faster than ever before.

Especially the in-market buyers who are doing their research and shopping online.

Digital marketing professionals understand their journey online and ensure they follow them until the end.



9 What do digital marketers do?


When you run a digital marketing campaign, you come across a method that is used by marketers to constantly keep themselves on track.

Remember I mentioned A/B testing above.

This is largely what that means.

Digital marketers continuously test, analyze, adjust and repeat their ads and play with different best practices.

For example, they take an ad and write two copies on the same page.

50% of your traffic see the Ad#1 and 50% of the traffic is shown the Ad#2.

Ad#1 reads “Book Test Drive” Ad#2 reads “Schedule a Test Drive”

The one that gets more conversions will be the winner.  



10 Digital Marketing Consultant Identify The Perfect Target Audience


Not everyone who searches for Flowers is going to buy flowers.


Same is true for your business.


Digital marketing professionals have the insights on your target audience and how they are searching.


For you, this really cuts the chase and you filter all the tire kickers out and reach the true buyers.



11 Digital Marketing Include Improvements on Social Media Channels


How often do a millennial checks his phone in a day?


Now that should give you a good idea how important Social Media is for your overall digital marketing strategy.


Small business really does well with social media provided they have a solid social media strategy in place, that keep your brand alive in front of your audience.



12 Digital Marketing Consultants Earn Better ROI on Your Google Pay Per Clicks Campaigns 


Google Paid Ads is the quickest way to generate traffic and generally more money than others.


Digital marketers help write the ads that perform better than your competitors.



13 Competitive Analysis


The Internet is all about transparency.


Digital marketing agencies in Canada use tools identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


Such a report can really help your website generate more traffic by filling in the gaps.



14 Increase Conversion of Your Ads


Be it your organic search results listings, paid ad on Google or your impression on Instagram.


Digital marketers write ads that talks to your audience, increase your conversion rate.



15 Your Digital Marketing Gets Consistency Online


When you assign your digital marketing duties to either a freelance marketer or digital marketing company, one thing is for sure.


Your online presence gets consistency.


Most digital marketers have a publishing calendar that they use to make sure your campaign is always turned on.



16 Your Business Starts Becoming A Consideration


Now that you have a digital marketing team working for you, your business ads start showing up in listing and your business starts becoming a consideration when an in-market shopper is

searching for online.



17 Your Website Traffic Goes Up! 


This one is simple, all the efforts put in by digital marketers into your website and search engine promotions will definitely increase your website traffic.



18 Your Website Converts Better 


This falls under one of the key expertise offered by any digital marketing consultant.


They are the best people to come up with a strategy and best practices which are likely to increase engagement on your website.



19 Grow your business


More website traffic, more conversion to floor traffic equals to more business for you.



20 Digital Marketing Industry Insights


As we know Google changes their algorithms frequently, have you asked why do they do so?

Google is probably very best at adapting to the change they see their audience (which are us the searchers) want from them.

For example, if we are not clicking on the pop-up ads, they will not prefer those pages to appear first. 

 They learn from our search behavior and make changes to their search algorithms.

Only in pursuit to keep getting the audience back on their search engine and no one else. 

Remember the search engine called “Yahoo!”? 

Same is true for digital marketers, it is part of their role to stay up to date with such updates and changes in order to keep themselves in business and produce results for your project. 

21 Your Competitors Watch You

Not a bad thing at all. 

When you create a buzz in the industry that your business is doing pretty well online, your competitors notice. 

This is what makes it more interesting. 

So if you run a pop up on your landing page, they may soon follow suit. 

The benefit to you in all this is that you stay cutting edge and ahead of your competitors following the advice of your qualified digital marketer. 

So there we are. 


Hiring a digital marketing consultant is a sensible business step towards growing your business.


Skill and expertise offer as a service by digital marketer have high value and return on investment (ROI). 


I offer a complimentary website audit for business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 


A short sign up form and you get 30 minutes with a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist dedicated to your digital media marketing & website. 


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Hope you picked value bombs and that this post helped you make that informed decision on digital marketing. 


By: Saqib Irfan