What is SEO Marketing? Is it Still Relevant in 2019? 

SEO is a fancy, and nerdy term digital marketers use. I am sure you must have heard it before, in today’s SEO blog I want to break it down for you what SEO Marketing means in the simplest form using a simple example. 

So let’s get started. 

What is SEO Marketing? A brief introduction


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it simply means to follow Google’s guidelines to improve your website ranking organically on search engines.


Is It Important To Do SEO Marketing For Small Business Website?

Absolutely, SEO Marketing can be vital to your business success.

It is not only about ranking your small business website higher than the competition, but that is also just one benefit.

SEO Marketing produces the best ROI (Return on Investment) compared to any other paid search campaigns.


How SEO Marketing can help my small business in Saskatoon?

Now that is a great question.

To understand SEO Marketing, let’s think about a scenario.

A scenario of your ideal customer and his or her journey online.



Here is the scenario that will help you understand the importance of SEO marketing:

Let’s suppose that you are in Plumbing Business.

The ideal journey of your target audience will be that they have leakage in the washroom, and they need to need a plumber right away to help them out.

What do you think will be their next steps?

Do you think:

They’ll log in on to Facebook and post a question on a group?

Or do you think they will go to Instagram, and make a story of the plumbing issue and post it here for help?

Or will they post this on their Snap Chat page?

They can go to any of these social media channels, no doubt.

However, think hard. Think like a customer.

They are in a panic situation and they need an answer fast. Like right now.

Here is what I believe they will do: 

This is based on the consumer journey, and you will agree with me that this is most likely what the person facing plumbing challenges will do in today’s modern digital world: 


1.      They will either type a term such as “Plumber Saskatoon” “Plumbing Service Saskatoon”


2.      They will voice search it. That means they will use Siri, Cortana, Google Home, Google Mini or Alexa products and ask:

“Siri, find me the best plumber in Saskatoon”

“Cortana, I need a plumber right now”

“Alexa, which plumber is open right now”

Now if you are not optimized for these terms, do you believe the Alexa, Cortana or Siri will pick up your website in the search results?

Or do you think when they type the search in Google or Bing (the traditional way) the search engines will automatically display your website on page one of Google because you are an honest and a nice businessman?

You know the answer to that.


So I highly recommend you build a strong relationship with Google and put thought how people voice searches your business, your services, and your products nowadays.


This is just one simple example that explains how SEO marketing is still relevant in today’s business.

Now I am not saying that SEO Marketing helps every small business out there, no it is not for everyone, just like radio or TV ads are not for every brand.

Now you may be asking yourself.

How can I find out if SEO marketing can help my small business in Saskatoon, Canada?

I can help, just fill out the contact form and I will personally get in touch with you.