How you can benefit with a strong SEO Services Saskatoon Business Owners!

This post will help you make the decision as I understand that you are searching for SEO Services Saskatoon. 

– How a consumer search:

This tops my list of SEO benefits simply because 85% of Canadians research online for a product a service before purchasing.
SEO is a great way to be right in front of the consumer when they are searching for terms that relate to your business.
To give you a perspective, imagine you are an SEO agency.

Now you would love to appear on page one of Google when someone types in that search bar:

SEO services near me
SEO Saskatoon
Best SEO companies
SEO Marketing Companies

All of these terms are important and related to your SEO business. Would you agree?


#2 SEO works for every business

Yes, does not matter small, medium or large. Your business can certainly benefit from SEO.

SEO leads generally have a high closing ratio.

Don’t second guess this and head over to MOZ.com and try out their free Keyword Explorer tool.

Just type in the terms that you would like to rank for and boom, it will tell you how much traffic your keyword is generating, in your market.


Here is an example result when I research “SEO Services” in the tool:


The monthly volume gives you a good indication how popular the term is.

The difficulty how easy or hard it is to rank on page one with this keyword term.

My favorite one is Organic CTR – 53% of people search for this term actually click on an ad!!

I recommend you head over to Moz.com/explorer and play with the tool with your keywords.


#3 SEO Reaches Wider Audience:

Not everyone searches for the same terms or in the same way.

This is where you can use the same Moz explorer tool’s Keyword Suggestions piece to see what other terms will work for your business.

Yes, the free version of the tool is limited, however, it will give you a very good idea of what you are missing, if you are not doing SEO for your business.


Notice how one person searched with SEO services and other with SEO experts.

A wealth of opportunity.


#4 SEO Results are long lasting

What happens when you stop paying for radio ads?

What happens when you stop buying Google Adwords?

You ads stop running.

Not with SEO.

I am not saying that do SEO for 6 months get good rankings and stop, no.

However, even if you decide to turn the tap off, your SEO marketing will keep giving you results.
Yes, your ranking will start dropping gradually, but they are not instant as it would be with Radio or Google Adwords.

I have clients who stopped investing in SEO months ago and still rank on page one for half of the keywords.


#5 Consistency is key to SEO

Yes, just above I told you that SEO has long-lasting results and I am not taking anything away from it.

The thing to note is that consistency is key to SEO.

The moment you stop SEO, your competitors may up their game to go after same keywords.

The end result, you lose your ranking or you start dropping in ranking.

All that hard work now goes to waste.

Make sure you keep on with SEO as there is always more phrases and keywords to rank for.

And then there is always your competitors.

To learn more about this subject check out this Consistency is King in SEO post by Adam Audette from SearchEngineIsland.com


#6 SEO and Your Competition

SEO marketing is probably the most transparent of all digital marketing channels.

Believe me, you can find out a lot about how your competitors are ranking on the page, what is their SEO strategy by plugging in their URL in one of the paid tools.


Going back to being that SEO agency and just to give you an example, I plugged in my competitors link into the SEMRush site search tool and found how many backlinks they have, and what keywords they rank for:


You can also find out all about your competitors by using any of these tools.

This will allow you to design a solid SEO strategy for your business and get more impressions.

Are you ready?


#7 SEO Results are Measurable

Google itself offers a free tool – Google Search Console and a little more advanced tool called Google Analytics that will give you all the insights.

In the Google Analytics tool, you can find out exactly which Cities your audience visited your website from.

Which device they used.

Which pages were most popular.

Giving you all the great website traffic insights to measure your SEO results.


#8 SEO Increase Website Traffic

Well sorry, but I had to put this one in here.

SEO is a form of marketing that has a direct impact on your website traffic.

If you have the content structure properly set up on your website, SEO will only help you increase your website conversion.


#9 SEO Drive Sales

The equation is super simple, more impressions, more traffic, more qualified visitors and more conversion means more sales for your business.

Do not miss out anymore.


#10 SEO Builds Your Brand’s Trust & Credibility

I remember during my Dale Carnegie training that a customer has to make 6 or more touch points with your brand before buying from it.

SEO helps with this big time.

Imagine every term they search with and find your listing in the search results.

Clearly, they will start resonating with your brand and this will build trust, getting you closer to another sale!

#11 Outsourcing SEO

Trust me, SEO marketing is time-consuming, technical and require a ton of research.

No wonder for some it is a full-time job.

Hiring a specialist always pays off since they are always up to date with search engine industry and best practices and secondly they get the job done.

Most SEO experts are results driven, they want to succeed and this is what works in your business’s favor.



So there you go, that sums it up. 

I say you must take a closer look at your overall marketing spend and make room for SEO.

This channel will bring you long-lasting, transparent and cost-effective results.

I mean what other better channel than Google itself.

I truly hope you learned a thing or two about SEO here and see the several benefits of this under-utilized marketing channel.

Stop letting your competitors get all the leads – Start your SEO campaign today!