SEO Tip for Saskatoon Small Business That Will Help Calculate Marketing ROI

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO, in short, is digital marketing practice applied on the website in an effort to increase search engine rankings, and essentially the website traffic.

This post SEO Tip is on measuring SEO Success with Key Metrics by SEO Consultant in Saskatoon.  

How does SEO work?

Don’t worry about SEO being technical, or confuse your self. SEO is simply publishing quality content for your readers, that sends signals to Google or other search engines helping your business website increase search engine rankings.

How to measure SEO?

Small businesses generally hire a digital marketing agency to manage their digital marketing campaigns.

This is due to a lack of resources, and a good way to get things done.

Generally, the SEO experts say that if I rank you for such and such keywords, your SEO campaign is working successfully.

How long does it take to see results from SEO marketing?

Please keep in mind that SEO is long term strategy, it does not work like Pay Per Click where you start and launch the campaign today and tomorrow you start generating leads.

Is Google Ranking The Only Way To Measure The Success of SEO Marketing?

Keywords ranking are certainly an important key performance indicator. However, this is not the only way to measure SEO success.

What Are Other Hard Metrics to Consider for SEO Measurement?

The best one to measure is to compare sales, revenue or gross profit.

For example, you started your SEO Services on your Saskatoon-based business website in Feb 2018.

It will be around August, Sept or Oct to see the results from this SEO Campaign you are running for your small business in Saskatoon.

Now in August (which is almost 6 months after your SEO start date) run the hard metrics.

1. Compare the number of sales you made in August 2018 vs August 2017. (provided you were not running SEO in 2017).

2. Compare the revenue and total earnings from all sources in August 2018 with August 2017 revenue numbers.

3. Compare the leads to sale conversion.

This one is very important. The quality of lead from SEO is generally a good one.

However, if you are seeing an influx of leads, and they are not converting you SEO practices needs tweaking.

These are the three hard metrics that an SEO Consultant in Canada should use when running an SEO campaign.

What about the soft SEO Metrics?

They are the basic ones that all SEO Agency & Digital Marketers in Canada use:

1. Google Rankings

2. Website Traffic

3. Website Unique Visitors

4. Website Clicks

5. Website Leads

We hope you found the article valuable and learned one or two things that you can use to improve your current SEO campaign.

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