Small Business Web Design

How to establish small business web design process with 3 simple, easy to follow steps that produce results right away. 


Small Business Web Design and Digital Marketing




Marketing your small business website online can be challenging. 


Today’s digital marketing tip is for the small business is owners who understand the significance of digital share of real estate and just lack resources, skills or finances. 


However, can find an hour – two hours a month to work on applying digital marketing best practices that will increase their small business website traffic. 


As Certified Digital Marketing partners and consultants for small business, here are the three most common questions we get asked:



  1. How do I get more traffic on to my website?

  2. The abundance of digital marketing channels, it is hard to select. 

  3. Do not have the resource or technical skills to manage my small business website. 


The professional advice we give them is to follow 3 simple and basic principals and rewards will follow. 


  1. Be Consistent Key is to produce relevant content consistently and publishes on to your small business website including any social media channel you use to promote your small business online. 
  2. Be Selective Do not sign your small business up for every single digital marketing channel you find. 
    We recommend to our customers to shut down their Twitter page if their last business account tweet was more than 3 months old. 
  3. Dedicate Time Book a day in the week or the month and dedicate one to two hour to work just on your website. It could be posting on social media channels, publish new content on a website or edit your current content. 
    You are moving the bar. 

These are proven digital marketing practices that will provide you with results. Above all sits writing fresh, relevant and compelling content and publish it on your website consistently. 


Share your experiences, when you apply these practices. 


Digital Marketing Tips By: Saqib Irfan a Certified Marketing Specialist at www.websitedepartment.ca – A website design and digital marketing agency based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.