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What Makes A Good Website Design Package?

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The answer to your Website Design Challenges and Frustrations.

Small businesses we have great news for you! A smart Website Design Package that solves all of your digital marketing challenges is here.

Here at we have the answer to common challenges you face with your small business website design and online marketing.


First, let’s understand the marketing dynamics in Canada:

– The days of traditional media marketing are over.

– The newspaper and radio advertising even in today’s day and age is expensive and not every small business can afford to advertise on these dated channels.

– Yellow Pages is a thing of the past and is not relevant in today’s day and age where there are more smartphone’s per household than print publication.

– Television, which is another highly expensive cost is also fading because of YouTube & Netflix. Cable subscriptions are dropping every month.

What makes a good website design package?

  • Our website design package was done after a thorough study and survey from our customers.
  • We put you, our customers first.
  • For us, the small business owners are without a doubt the backbone of the Canadian economy. Unfortunately they are failing more than succeeding nowadays…so we want to fix that.
  • Before coming up with a website design package, we went to the drawing board and discussed the main challenges small businesses face, especially with digital marketing. 

Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail in Canada

#1 – Digital Marketing Resources

#2 – Adapting To Digital Marketing Channels

#3 – Exploring The New & Upcoming Social Media Channels

#4 – Lack Of Consistency

#5 – Lack Of Delivering Value On A Consistent Basis

Now, let’s talk about these challenges in a little more detail, one by one.

Challenge # 1 – Digital Marketing Resources

What is Digital MarketingDigital marketing is complex, especially if you have no prior experience.

Here is an article that talks about the roles and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Consultants in depth.

Small businesses talked about the challenges they’ve had with the lack of Digital Marketing resources available to them.

Most said there were only two options for them:


A) Outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency

Not viable as it generally costs too much money to outsource to a good digital marketing agency.

Another challenge with this option is that one agency is an expert at website design, and not so strong in SEO services, which means hiring more than one agency.

Building Your In house Digital Marketing Team B) Build an In-house team

Not every small business can hire or have a team member who is an expert website designer, graphic designer, content writer, and social media manager.

It’s hard to find one person who is good at everything.

Based on this…the two main reasons are lack of financial and human resources.

Challenge # 2 – Adapting To Digital Marketing Channels

Most small businesses find digital marketing to be fast changing.

Which is absolutely true, digital marketing changes at rapid speed.

This is why Google AdWords Certifications are valid for 12 months only.

The struggle is real for small business owners.

You have a hard time understanding what type of content to publish on social media

What works where and adaptability is a real concern for small businesses.

Challenge # 3 – Exploring New Digital Marketing Channels

There is always a new channel that is hot and happening, and you have to get on it right away before it becomes too big and too competitive.

Most small businesses do not take time or risk to explore the new channel.

A few months later they read that Instagram has 1 billion users and Snapchat is the next big thing.

Snap Chat Stats - Digital Marketing Channel

The challenge is that there are not enough hours in the day for a small business owner to explore the new channels, learn them and test them.

Challenge # 4 – Consistency

It’s super easy to set up a Social Media Profile Page for your small business.

However, the real challenge comes after you have launched your pages/profile on social media.

What to publish?

When to publish?

How much to publish?

Same is true for blogs. How many times have you visited a small business website and see they have a blog? Do you click on it? And When you do click on it, do you notice that most posts were made over 4 months ago?

Not posting regularly will not leave a long lasting impression, and truly does not make you a thought leader in the industry.

Publishing content consistently on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is another common challenge.

Keeping up with your website blog and publishing content to increase search engine organic rankings to improve your website’s SEO is another common challenge.

Challenge # 5 – Delivering Value

The Final challenge small businesses face is publishing content that is engaging, delivers value and increase’s social following.

What should I talk about?

Now when you consider these challenges, it makes you think “how important it is to hire a website design consultant with a background in digital marketing?”

What is The Solution to All These Digital Marketing Challenges?

The simple way out is to hire a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant Or Agency to run your social media, search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns. is a Saskatoon-based Website Design Agency that offers all of these services.


The Solution to All the Challenges is in One Simple Website Design Package:

We put you, our customers first.

Before coming up with a website design package, we went to the drawing board and discussed the main challenges faced by you guys.

For us, the small business owners are without a doubt the backbone of the Canadian economy, and they are failing more nowadays than succeeding in running a small business.

How We Help Small Business Thrive in The Digital Marketing Age:

We have the resources that you need to succeed in digital media:

1. Content Writers
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Professional Website Designers
4. Graphic Designers
5. Certified Google AdWords Specialists
6. Consultants That Speaks Your Language and not the technical jargon.
7. Face to Face Digital Marketing Consultation, where we bring the best practices to each new and current digital marketing channels.
8. Monthly Traffic Reports

All these services and digital marketing skills are bundled into one package to help you succeed.

More than anything else, you get a dedicated Certified Digital Marketing Consultant who works directly with you. We bring you monthly analytics reports and go over them with you. We will also discuss digital marketing best practices, upcoming channels, and updates so that you are never left behind in the game.

All of this Smart Website Design Package for a small monthly fee!!

You have a chance to see our work by scheduling a free 30-minute Website Consultation with one of our Certified Digital Marketing Experts.

Sometimes its really hard to know where to start from. Should you focus on content marketing or hire someone to do SEO or simply just invest in search engine marketing by buying keywords on Google. 

  • How to get traffic to a website is one question I get asked in every single website design meeting. 
  • Some business says they don’t have the resources to maintain their website design. 
  • Some say that their website design package is just simply too much money. 

These are all valid reasons. 

A small business in Saskatoon can’t hire a content writer, website designer, digital marketer and SEO specialist all at once. 

However, it is imperative to have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. 

After all having a website means you want your business to flourish and gain traction online. 

We offer a website design package that solves all these problems! has come up with a solution that not only makes it affordable to manage your website but also includes 4 key components of digital marketing. 

I guarantee you, with this package not only will you save money, but you will also get the work done and save time to focus on your business. offers only one website design package. 


Sign up for a free website design consultation today! We promise you’ll certainly love what we have to offer.