Canada's Most Simple Website Subsription

What is included in the website?

One Simple Package . One Small Fee

SEO Best Practices

One on or off page SEO practice per month applied.

SEO Driven Content

250 – 500 words in SEO driven content published.

Creative Design

Keep website looking fresh and give consistency to digital campaigns with one creative per month.

Certified Consultants

Certified Marketing Specialist who bring and share with your expert advise, analytic data, industry trends and best practices in performance reviews.

SEO + Content + Design | All In One Website Package

Here is how we help you save thousand annually in website design cost

Grow website traffic and conversion.

To run a successfull website department a business require bunch of experts. You need someone who can write content that resonate with our audience, someone in SEO who can make sure your rankings are up, Creative Designer whose job is to keep your website looking fresh and a digital marketing who understands trends and analytic and design website marketing strategy to grow business online.

  • Graphic Design

    Annual Salary: $45,000

  • SEO Specialist

    Annual Salary: $70,000


    Annual Salary: $70,000

  • Certified Digital Marketer

    Annual Salary: $100,000

Hi! I am your Digital Marketer!

Who is your website go to person?
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Saqib Irfan

Digital Marketer
Saqib’s role is to absorb all your website, digital marketing duties and become your business’s website department. Manage your website completely & drive more traffic to your website by applying best practices.

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