Custom Web Design or Templates?

What is my best strategy?

Get custom design for my website or design template?

We often come against this in a website design process & in my opinion spend more time on this then it really deserve.

It fine and dandy if you are large business and have all the resources available in the world for all your technology needs – get a super pumped up custom design for your landing page.

On the other hand if you are small business, by all means let’s get it done.

Be it template custom mock ups they offer, I believe you can go with either offerings when offered during your website design process but here are couple of things to keep in mind when choosing either option.

Option: Custom Web Design

Very simple to handle, ask your website service provider how much time they need to come up with your designs and one should also know how many revisions you have.

This can be really how much your based on your design requirement analysis ask them how much time would it take for your first mock up.
Option: Template Web Design

One big question to ask here is if they allow any customization to the templates?

If yes then one may also want to ask what is your custom work fee?

If you are going through re building phase of  your company’s website design process and starting to look for website design company on the web, hope this best practice blog helps in getting your website design on track.

Last thing I want to end here with is, when you come across choosing a template for custom design for your website cut the time out.

Don’t get stuck on something small and hold the project up.

Time never comes back.

Cut it short & get it done.
Ask your website design service provider that how much time would it take for them to deliver your designs.

How many revisions



Question yourself, “My to be website design service provider is offering me